Top Tips for Creating Content with Digital Signage Software

Creating content using digital signage software carries its own set of challenges that are distinct from making content for the web, which is what a digital sign is closest to. A digital sign is similar to a web page, with similar design elements. However, a digital sign has to grab the attention of a viewer and deliver its message in a matter of seconds, unlike a website, which has more time to communicate to users. Here are some tips for making a striking digital sign that will get your message through to viewers.

1.Add videos and other moving elements. Digital signage software allows you to embed videos from YouTube and other sources and you should take advantage of this feature to create visual interest in your digital sign. For example, if you are advertising a movie, you can embed the trailer or short video clips on the sign. You also have the option of using real-time feeds from TV or the Internet.

Digital Signage Software2.Make creative use of color. There are actually just three basic colors used in digital media for mixing colors – red, blue and green – with all other colors created from them. Our eyes are most sensitive to green, followed by red and then blue. When creating your designs, use contrasting colors with dark colors on a light background and vice-versa. Also take the time to visit the location where the sign will be placed to determine the light conditions and the colors of the room and adjust your color palette accordingly.

3.Use interesting type. Apart from readability, make sure that the type styles that you use with your digital signage software are visually-interesting and catch the attention of the viewer. Avoid using type that is monotonous since this will turn off the viewer and make them turn against the message you are trying to communicate.

4.Use actual photographs from the client. If you can avoid it, don’t use stock photos and images but ask for photographs of the business and related images such as photos of products or the office. This will give the digital sign a specificity and avoid making it generic so that it will tell the viewer something about the business.

5.Consider the reason for the display. One of the easiest things to forget when you are playing with digital signage software is that you are not creating an attractive presentation for its own sake, but to serve the needs of your client. When you are creating the design of the digital sign, you should always ask yourself, what does the client want to achieve? Is the purpose of the sign to sell a particular product or encourage people to sign up for a service? Or does the client want to go the indirect route by creating an informational sign that will provide helpful information and then reminding viewers about their business?

6.Don’t forget the call to action. One of the main purposes of having a digital sign is that the client wants the viewer to perform a certain action. Make sure you are clear about what this action is so that you can integrate it into the design of the sign. This call to action can be as simple as having the URL of the company website or asking viewers to scan a QR code.

7.Make sure that you constantly renew your content. One of the biggest advantages of digital signage software is that updating content is easy. You can use feeds from the Internet using sources like blogs, Twitter feeds and YouTube channels. And you can put together a database of content so that you can make updates automatic.

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Softball trading pins: Designs and Add-Ons

Softball started as an indoor team sport in Chicago back in 1887. Just like other team sports, organizers and team owners started handing out softball trading pins to all members of softball teams. A pin features the logo of a team, as well as the mascot (if there is any) representing the team. These trading pins also show the year they were manufactured, as well as the name of the event for which they are created for. Such events include those of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) Nationals, the American Fast pitch Association (AFA) Nationals, and the USSSA Fast pitch World series, all of which happen during the summer months. When the space allows it to, the name of the player for which the pin were made for, as well as the jersey number and position, are included with the pin.

Softball trading pinsYou might be wondering why such details are included in the pin. They are added for obvious reasons. Softball trading pins are pins created and distributed to players so that in turn, they can distribute and trade the pins with fellow players from other teams. This activity became a routine in any team sport that eventually the trading became the highlight of the weekend. What initially started as an exclusive event to promote camaraderie, friendship, and bonding among players of opposing teams, extended to spectators who wanted to have a piece of the game with them when they go back to their respective homes and places.

In order to command a higher trade-in value, softball trading pins are given enhancements in the form of a secondary pin to make them more attractive. You can choose from any of the following add-ons:

  • Dangler – an attachment that looks like a second pin attached to the main pin by either a jump ring or a simple chain. Danglers are considered as the most durable among secondary pin attachments one could choose from.
  • Bobble heads – another form of secondary pin attached to the main pin. Instead of jump ring or chain, a spring is used to attach the second pin to the main pin, giving the bobbling action or effect for your softball trading pins.
  • Sliders – another form of secondary pin attached to the main pin through the cut-out sliding slot. It is called a slider since it slightly slides away from the main pin.
  • Spinners – yet another form of secondary pin attached to the main pin through a hole located in the main pin. Spinners can move clockwise or counter clockwise and are best used for pins that incorporate car wheels or tornadoes as part of the design.
  • Z-axis spinners – this secondary pin is attached to a metal spin rod connected to the main pin. The rod is attached in parallel to the main pin and is the central axis of the spin of the secondary pin. Z axis spinners are double sided and can spin to show the front and back design of the spinner. This add-on can take weeks to finish, thus making it more valuable and commanding a higher exchange rate than others.

Aside from the secondary pins mentioned above, softball trading pins can also contain enhancements such as LEDs, 3D pin molds, and 3D bubbles. Some pins also contain glitters to give them that shiny and sparkly effect. You can also resort to adding artificial gems to your pin for that added appeal and class. You may use the gem to replace the eye or the headlight of your logo or mascot. And for that limited-edition feel, you may have sequential numbers lasered onto the main pin.

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How to Wear Recognition Pins

Recognition pins are used throughout any business or school event to honour a great deed or great work done. It is inexpensive but is a meaningful reward depending on how it is presented.

Recognition pins, or lapel pins, have been used for a long time. Before, such pins were used as a means of recognizing a person within a military unit, ensuring that the person is indeed part of the unit or not. This has then evolved into creating pins to give out as a reward for a great deed that a person has done.

Pins like these were also used to show a sign of pride for their own country. World leaders can be seen with a pin on their coat that bears the design of their own national flag. An ordinary citizen would also wear the same pin just to show their support for their own countrymen.

Recognition pinsCustomized pins were also used in other ways. Some pins were made to commemorate a special event that only happens once a year or even once in a lifetime. Groundbreaking ceremonies will usually have such pins available to be given to the participants as both as a souvenir for it and to also honour the event itself. The pin will bear the name of the event, any significant logo that was used with the event and the date and time of the event itself.

These pins are also used by sports teams and clubs to also show their support for the team or sport. Each pin made for a sports team will bear the name of the team and it can also either carry the team’s logo or the face of the team’s mascot. Special sporting events may also have their own pins to give away to the participants to have them remember the event by. Major sponsors would also have special pins made especially for the event; these pins will have both the name of the event and the name of the sponsor. Coca-Cola is among the many sponsors that have these pins made.

Other times, lapel pins are also sold in a different way. Amusement parks would usually have pins sold as souvenirs. Disneyland is one of the amusement parks that sell these pins. Collectors have begun collecting such pins because of their design and rarity that Disneyland had already taken advantage of this popularity. Disneyland would sometimes old a “Pin Trading Event” especially for these collectors.

With recognition pins, there are certain ways for you to wear them. It depends also on how important the pin is the type of clothes that you are wearing and the event that you are participating in.

If you are wearing a jacket or suit, the pins must be worn on the left side. If it is a very special pin, it must be placed over the heart. In the military, there are strict rules to follow when wearing a pin.

There are cases that the pin is also worn on a tie. The correct placement of the pin will be at the middle, but if the person is wearing both a suit and tie, it is most recommended that the pin be worn on the suit itself. If the person is wearing just a shirt, it is also advised to have them wear the pin to the left, just over the heart.

There are cases that someone will need to wear more than one pin at a time, but it is okay, though military personnel need to follow certain procedures when wearing multiple pins since each pin will have a significant symbol for them.

Recognition pins are to be cherished as a reward for a job well done. It is a simple yet a meaningful symbol of a reward after a job well done.

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No Questions Asked: Why Hire Keynote Speakers For Your Events

You have seen many companies and event organizers do it. You have seen many gatherings boasting of keynote speakers. Sometimes these are just company bosses; sometimes technical experts are called in to do the job; sometimes they may even be celebrities or famous personalities. While it is appearing to be more and more a standard practice in organizing an event, you might still be unconvinced—why should you hire a professional speaker anyway? Isn’t that an unnecessary expense? What exactly can they bring to the table that no one else can?

First of all, hiring professional keynote speakers for your events would tell your employees that you take the message seriously—after all, you are willing to spend to make sure it is delivered correctly and professionally. With the added authority of your guest keynote speakers, your audience will feel compelled to hang on to every word they say. The added audience engagement is a win for everyone concerned.

Keynote speakersWith the help of a professional speaker, you can also tailor the message to suit your audience. Nowadays it is not all about the message anymore—audiences are also looking at how the message is delivered. In fact, sometimes it is more about the delivery. With the help of a professional speaker, you can ensure that your message is not only sound, but you can also ensure that it gets across well. The delivery can also be tailored depending on your audience. Good keynote speakers adjust to the room, and not the other way around. Once they have a feel for what the audience wants, they can drive the message home more effectively.

Next, depending on your guest keynote speakers, the ‘star power’ could be an added draw as well. Many organizers decide to hire celebrities or famous local personalities for their events, and this move is sure to lure the crowd. This magnetic draw is not something you can easily achieve with just getting anyone to speak in front of an audience. While there might be several trade-offs to this option, one thing is clear: if you want a big crowd, go with a celebrity.

Also, hiring a professional guest speaker could help you gain fresh perspective. Because you will be having consultations regarding the message you would like to send, the speaker can give new input and ideas. Since he is an outsider, he is coming into the situation with clear and fresh eyes—something that is invaluable in terms of formulating a message for your company. You might be too involved already to see some of the flaws in the message, but a professional speaker will be able to help you out and remedy them.

If you are worried about the added expense of hiring a professional speaker for your event, remember that you are not just throwing money at someone to speak for you. Ultimately, the beneficiaries of the event are the members of the audience—your workforce, if you are a company. That being said, the correct way to look at it would be to recognize that the fee you are paying the speaker is just another form of investment. Your workforce is your best asset, so do not scrimp on them. Your employees will recognize that you are willing to spend for their personal and professional development, and this is sure to pay dividends in the near future.

All in all, remember that you’re not just hiring someone to speak for you because you can’t or you don’t want to. You are hiring a professional speaker to ensure maximum audience engagement and better delivery of the message—and this is an investment you should be willing to make any given day, no questions asked.

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Designing Your Own Printed Circuit Board

By some stroke of genius, you decided to make your own printed circuit board. Unfortunately, you have not studied to be an electronics expert. Don’t despair for all is not lost! Here are some pointers to make your very own PCB:

1.Look for CAD software. CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. CAD software is used in supporting a designer in drawing, adjusting, analyzing, and organizing a design. Using CAD software ensures quality and efficient designs. CAD output is frequently in the form of electronic files that needed to be interpreted manufacturing operations. For beginners, follow-up questions like the following should also be asked when looking for the perfect CAD software:

  • Are there many people using this software? High number of people using the software means that it is reliable. Also, these people could help in answering queries about the use of the software.
  • Is it easy to use? If the instructions that come with the software package are hard to understand, chances are you will have a harder time using the software to design your printed circuit board.
  • Is it free? For beginners, it is more convenient to use the free CAD software package. In addition, free CAD software tends to be easier to understand than software that needed updates.

2.Review others’ works. In looking at other people’s designs and layouts, you will get ideas on how to start and how to go about your design. Research extensively first before starting anything. It is also better if you could talk to people who could guide you in your design.

Printed circuit board3.Practice makes perfect. Doing your own very first printed circuit board might not come out as you expected but there’s a first time for everything. Expect lots of problems do not have high expectations. Repetition and practice will improve your PCB making skills.

4.Plan and have good schematics. Planning ahead and designing with good schematics will save lots of time and will also make your work more organized.

5.Schedule. Set a designated schedule in which you will have to finish a part of the circuit board. Putting the element of time pressure in your work will ensure you to finish what you started.

6.Have enough money. Making a printed circuit board is not cheap. Some materials and tools for making PCBs are expensive. This is definitely not a hobby for people who should be saving up for more important expenses and investments.

7.Consider safety and toxic substances. In making PCBs, you also need a working area reserved only for the purpose of making PCBs. Make this area children-proof and properly ventilated (some reagents produce toxic fumes). Also, have a suitable waste disposal system. Take into mind also the existing laws in your area (in some places in Europe, permit is needed before making PCBs).

Designing and making PCBs is not for the feint-hearted. It takes lots of patience to understand terms and mechanisms of each part of a PCB. Tons of energy and brain neurons need to work to be able to come up with a perfectly working circuit board. Expect it to be frustrating and worthless in the first few tries but once you get the hang of it, making circuits is a pretty rewarding hobby. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your PCB powering a gadget. After practicing about a hundred times, you will probably produce a genuine PCB and who knows, you will have your lucky break! If your design turns out to be popular, you could commercialize it and it could be the start of your electronic empire! Well, one could dream, that is.

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Link Building Ideas You Can Scale Up When Hiring SEO Companies

There are a lot of different elements to search engine optimization that need attention. No matter where you are with integration protocol, you will find that you can gain major leverage if you just chase the right elements moving forward. You will not gain any sort of leverage if you focus on the wrong pieces, but you can definitely gain a great deal of attention by going forward with the right elements. This may seem vague, but when you break it down to a more concise level of design, you will find that this is an absolute that is worth chasing in a lot of different ways. You will find that in order to gain leverage within the world of marketing, you need to look at things from various perspectives, even if you’re going to hire any one of the better SEO companies out there.

The Elements of Search Engine Optimization

SEOFirst and foremost, you should know some of the simple pieces of optimization as they stand today. They will make or break your movement forward. They will give you a great deal of opportunity if you chase them correctly, and will definitely cause you a great deal of movement forward. The following are just some of the elements that you’ll need to work with if you plan on building a good sense of marketing online.

• Blogging
• Article Marketing
• Press Releases
• Link Generation
• PPC Campaigns
• Commenting
• Onsite SEO
• Offsite SEO

The above options are just some of the pieces that you will need to work within. If you do not work with all of the pieces mentioned above, you will end up losing sight of the future of your networking prowess. It’s imperative that the elements are focused on individually, but for the sake of length, we’ll take to task the issue of link generation.

Building The Right Kind of Links (Scalable Tactics)

Links are like letters of recommendation from the internet’s best sites. When you have a link coming to your page from a good source, you will see a great deal of influence overall. This is showcased through a variety of different entanglements and in no way is it simple or easy to work within. You’ll find that the goal of the marketing collateral that you can build through links, is to establish authority. Authority is hard to come by on the internet, and it is something that will definitely increase your market share overall.

The right kind of links can either make or break your overall push forward within the world of traffic. Traffic generation is hinging on the way you build your overall collateral moving forward. You will find that the best way to get moving forward, is to look at how major SEO companies build these.

The Ideas In Brief

There are several ideas that you’ll find are tried and true in the world of marketing with search engine optimization at the helm of your overall linking strategy. The main goal here is to look at where you can build relationships, and perhaps even earn links overall. This takes time to establish, but it is not impossible. You will need to look at the following and see how professionals may be able to gain leverage for you.

• Guest Blogging – The first major method is guest blogging. Guest blogging needs to be done with the hope of building a good relationship with others. As a guest on another site you will have to build content that is going to be able to get you attention overall. This is not something that you can just post and run away from. You need to establish a good working relationship, and build content that not only promotes the niche that you’re in, but also gives you a good link.

• Linking From Videos – Video upload sites are a dime a dozen today. You will find that you can easily move forward with this by uploading simple videos. Whether you find something from the public domain, or you link from other people’s videos, you will be able to get a fast, indexed backlink that is hyper relevant and builds authority.

• Social Media Links – You will find that social media sites are not going anywhere. Some pundits have stated that they are going to be moving away, and there are some pages that are definitely going under, but it’s not something that is simple at all. Social media integration takes time, but when you do it right, you will build links and connections that will absolutely pay off dividends over time.

• Paying Your Way In – You can still buy link. You just have to be very careful where and when you buy them. You will not be able to gain much leverage within this world. You will have to comply with a variety of pieces here, or you will not be able to get the leverage you need. Focus on relevant sites, and purchase only 1 or 2 links every now and again as part of a larger optimization strategy.

At the end of the day, you will find that the aforementioned pieces for scalable link building ideas will work best through the lens of SEO companies. You’ll find that a professional touch will in fact change everything for you.

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Evaluate before You Sell Your Junk Car: What’s It Worth?

Whenever your car is severely damaged as a result of an accident, a car insurance company may deem the car as a total loss. This happens when the damages becomes so severe that it is generally impractical to repair it. However, the situation is different for the more valuable cars and the older-model cars. For valuable cars, it would usually mean that the car has sustained irreparable damage. For older vehicles, even minor damage can have it classified as a total loss. Even cosmetic damage, such as a scratch, can be grounds to consider a car that is 10 years and older to be a total loss since the cost for repair is more than the car’s market value.

sell junk cars in AtlantaOnce the insurance company classifies a vehicle as a total loss, the owner will have to choose between relinquishing the car over to the insurance company or retain the salvage rights to car. An option to sell junk car Atlanta can potentially help the owner earn more money than what the car is worth. Given, of course, that it is done properly.

Calculating the junk value of your car isn’t an exact science. There are no standard rates either on how much a junk car is worth. Fortunately, these figures are negotiable and the owner can work with the insurance company to arrive at a price that is favorable to both parties.  Here is a quick rundown of what’s involved in the process of assessment and valuation when you decide to sell junk car Atlanta:

• The initial estimate. The insurance company will get the estimate junk value of your car by getting the average between the trade-in value of your car and its wholesale value.

• The final estimate. The insurance company will then take into account any pre-existing damage and the general wear-and-tear in the calculations and subtract it from its overall market value. The resulting value will be your car’s final market value. The insurance company will salvage your car for 75% of its market value with the salvage figure always fetching less than the cash value of the car. The insurance company will then auction your car at a salvage yard. Whatever money they raise from it will be used to reimburse the cost of the claim.

• Salvage Rights. There are a few things that you have to keep in mind if you do decide to keep the salvage rights to your car rather than to sell junk car Atlanta. Your car will be retitled with a salvage title. If you plan to use the junk vehicle for parts, you won’t have to get insurance for it. If, for some reason, you still plan on driving the vehicle, you will need to carry liability insurance for the car.

A lot of insurance companies do not provide the full coverage for a salvaged vehicle. This is due to the fact that the car has already been deemed as a total loss by one insurance company and is no longer worth anything.  This applies to both liability cover and property damage cover.  Check with your insurance agent to find out if it is going to cause some problems for you when decide to get an insurance policy for your car.  This information is important when you weigh the financial impact of keeping a salvaged vehicle or selling it to a willing buyer.

Keep in mind that you also bear the responsibility of disclosing the fact that your car is a salvage to any potential buyers when you sell junk car Atlanta. Should you decide to sell the car sometime in the future, your buyer has the right to know that the car that they are buying is a salvage so that they can make an informed decision.

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Cat5 Cable Composition and Function

A computer system is known to be composed of two primary layers. The software layer is composed of the intangible information or data. Meanwhile, the hardware is composed of the physical links that allow these data to travel in and around the system as electronic signals.

In order to connect a computer system to the internet, it must first be connected to a modem or router. A router functions as a high speed source of internet signals. The main cables that govern this transfer of signals between the computer and the router are universally known as Ethernet cables.

Ethernet cables were first manufactured and introduced in the 1970s. Coaxial cables were used to create the setup in accordance with the previous Ethernet standards. However, numerous technological innovations have now made it possible to make use of twisted pair cables in current Ethernet cables. To differentiate them from other types of Ethernet cables, the specific name given to these twisted pair cables is Category 5 or Cat5 cable.

ethernet-cableThe twisted pair cable or Cat5 cable is known as such because it contains 8 24-gauge copper wires that are paired-up and twisted together. These twists are done at an interval of three twists per inch for each wire pair. The twisting process primarily aids in reducing crosstalk between pairs.

However, although the wiring pairs are protected by an insulating jacket, they will still need additional protection from intangible external factors. As an additional precaution, twisting the wires also functions to diminish possible signal interference that could be caused by peripheral electronic devices.

You can easily deduce that there is an electromagnetic interference if you suddenly experience much slower data transfer speeds. The fastest way to remedy this situation is by simply identifying the intrusive power source and moving it away from the cable.

A Cat5 cable is capable of transmitting data at 100mbps even over a distance of 100 meters. This is a marked improvement from the capability of the previous Cat3 cable which can only transmit a paltry 10 mbps. However despite this feat, continually evolving Ethernet industry standards have actually rendered Cat5 cables obsolete.

The biggest limitation of a Cat5 cable is the fact that it cannot transfer large data amounts over long distances. In order to transfer 1,000 mbps for example, a cable must be no longer than 10 meters. Cat5e cables have been able to far surpass the capabilities of Cat5 cables in this regard by being able to transmit 1,000 mbps or an Ethernet gigabit even over a great distance. Signal strength and stability is also more ensured in a Cat5e cable despite its lengthened design.

Nevertheless, many people still rely on the capabilities of Cat5 cables. As a result, they are still in continued use in numerous computer networks to this day. Personal home computers are the systems that commonly make use of Cat5 cables since they require only a relatively slow data transmission rate. Cat5 cables are also much cheaper when compared to the more recent Cat6 and Cat6a cables.

Numerous phone lines and ATMs also make use of Cat5 cables for their data transfer needs. A Cat5 cable serves the important function of serving as a data line for digital phone services.

The easiest way of differentiating Cat5 cables from other Ethernet cables is by simply looking for the information printed on the cable. The information will typically specify the cable’s category. However, if you want to identify a Cat5 cables at a glance, then you can simply take its specific design into consideration. Compared to other Ethernet cables such as the Cat 6 or Cat 5e, Cat5 cables are much thinner even if they also make use of an RJ-45 for their end jack.

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Hazards of Buying Misters

The number of misters on the market today is so high that most people will find it difficult to separate the good ones from the bad ones. In an ideal world mist fans would work as well as retailers or manufacturers advertise. However, in the real world things rarely go as advertised.

The path to buying the right mist fan is full of potholes; it’s easy to make a wrong move. There are a lot of consumers out there who are misled into thinking and believing that a certain unit is the best one that money can buy.

Buying the right mist fan takes more than just intuition. The consumer must be vigilant and careful in making their decision, lest they buy the wrong model and waste their money. Here are some of the hazards involved when browsing through the different kinds of misters.

A bad warranty:

Manufacturers and retailers often give incentives to those who plan on buying mist fans to keep them interested. Some give out free accessories. Retailers often give out items that don’t sell to open up some inventory room for new stock. Manufacturers offer some of their older models at a lower price once a new model arrives.

Warranty is one of the other ways that the public is lured into buying a mist fan. Warranty is very important to some people and can even be a deal breaker for some. The nice thing with mist fans is that some of them come with a lifetime warranty. However, people still need to approach this guarantee with a little bit of skepticism.

Some manufacturers and retailers make the terms of the warranty too vague or convoluted that claiming it becomes next to impossible. There are also faulty warranties that make it void. Those on the market for new misters must learn how to read the fine print since it can be more important than the asking price.

Poor nozzle design:

The water pump is the design element that more or less defines a mist fan. Without the water pump, the mist fan is nothing more than a regular electric fan.

Shoppers need to be careful in buying a mist fan on the off chance that it might have poor nozzle construction or design. Some nozzles tend to clog as a result of hard water. Shoppers should always try to look for mist fans that have excellent nozzles.

Excellent nozzle construction will help minimize maintenance and lower the risk of the nozzles getting clogged.

Loud noise:

The amount of noise a mist fan makes is usually at the bottom of the mist fan buyer’s list of priorities. However, sound registry is actually important for misters than most people would think.

A mist fan with a low volume is often a good one. The soft noise is often a good sign for excellent design and build quality. Furthermore, having a low noise mist fan is more comfortable than having one that’s really loud and offensive to the senses. After all, mist fans are supposed to provide comfort and that can be better achieved without making a lot of noise.

The wrong kind of material:

Some people make a mistake in the kind of material used in the mist fan’s construction. The material used in the mist fan’s construction is extremely important.

Plastic mist fans are cheaper and are often the better option for those who want to save up on money. However, plastic mist fans are rarely capable of withstanding outdoor use. For outdoor use, shoppers would make a better decision if they opt for misters that use metal in their construction.

Milo, Auramist’s 18? misters, are the latest addition to our collection of innovative cooling solutions

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